"I owe a great deal to this organization and I want to share the reasons with you. The breakout sessions at conferences have helped me become a more effective teacher and stimulated further study.

The conference choirs and bands are led by many of the luminaries of the field, and they became master classes for my students who attended. One of the most educational experiences of the conference is hanging out with other educators who do what you do…and we all know how unique the community college is."

Gus Kambeitz,
President Elect, MACCC

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Welcome to MACCC

Message from the President

First, I want to thank our Immediate Past President Christine Park from LA City College for her unwavering leadership. It is because of her and the MACCC executive board members that we have had such successful conferences. The feedback of our membership has been fantastic. Perhaps this is because MACCC has been on the forefront of the state discussions on repeatability and the ADT. Maybe it’s the networking or the fantastic opportunities for our students at the conference. Or perhaps it is the incredible teamwork and sharing of ideas (and solutions) that takes place every time our membership gathers. I suspect it is a combination of all these.

Like a musical performance, we enjoy all the wonderful moments of the conference while also find it hard to walk away from the components that we feel we could improve.  It is the nature of the beast.  We sit together as a board and talk about how we can improve the membership experience and the state of music education at the community colleges.  Case in point: MACCC has teamed up with StandUp4Music and now has access to a full time legislative representative in Sacramento. While we have many ideas (and we implement many), we keep coming back to one central point:  We want membership input. Your voice is the strongest in our organization because MACCC would not exist without you.  The MACCC Executive Board is here to serve you!

The goals of MACCC are:

This year’s conference could have the largest membership in attendance history as we are making sure to invite adjunct, new, and retired music educators to the conference. Pass along the newsletter. It only takes a minute to share, and the benefits could last your entire teaching career. If you are not a member, follow the Membership link on the left for more information. Then join us at the Conference this November.

I look forward to seeing all of you in November.

- David Betancourt, President